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portfolio backing up evernote portfolios on dropbox

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Hi - I'm planning to use Evernote to create student portfolios in a kindergarten class. These will include audio files, photos and notes. I'm so excited about the relative ease with which I will be able to do this compared to other methods used in the previous year. However, I'm concerned about the security of the files and how to transfer/backup files.

1. Are my files secure? Is there a way of making them more secure.

2. What is the best way to back up. I'm a new user of dropbox and would prefer to backup using that program. Having not been taught exactly how to do it, I tried clicking, dragging and dropping to a new file over to dropbox. I ended up with a file but dropbox can't read the file - I also tried exporting it and then just got a hodgepodge of symbols. ooops, can you tell, I'm way over my head.

Any assistance, guidance or help would be most appreciated.


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