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(Archived) Search on tags not working



Easiest if I explain the scenario:

  • Lauch the Evernote Mac client.
  • Define a tag. Let's call it "mytag".
  • Assign the tag to 10 notes.
  • Sync.
  • Look at each note to confirm that the tag is assigned. Yep!
  • Look at the tag to confirm that it's count is "10". Yep!
  • View all notes.
  • Search for the tag (tag:mytag).
  • Evernote finds some of the notes with the tag, but not all of them.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? Tech support suggested I delete the Evernote client and reinstall it from the website, not the Mac App Store. I have done that, and there is no change in behavior.

If this is indeed a problem and not user error, it seems pretty serious.

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Hi Afonso2003 and swehba -- I've followed swehba's exact steps and was not able to reproduce the error. Evernote's search turned up all 10 tagged "mytag" notes as expected.


Since swehba posted in August 2012, this bug may have existed in previous Evernote Mac versions and gotten fixed since then.


Afonso2003 -- did you follow swehba's exact steps and still reproduce the error? Please explain with more details. If so, what Evernote Mac version and OSX version are you using?

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