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Technical Manual Organisation In Evernote


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Hi,,,,I have been trying to take advantage of my Evernote Account.....I was thinking of loading my Technical Manuals into Evernote for all the various products I support.

To explain better my folder structure on my PC where the PDF's are kept.

Manuals\Server\HP\Proliant DL380 G8 - This has 5 manuals inside

Manuals\Blade\HP\Proliant BL465 G7 - This has 3 manuals

Manuals\Desktop\HP\8000 Elite - This has 4 manuals

Could anyone offer me any guidance on how best to get these on Evernote in a structure that I can very quickly find things. Also these PDF's when opened in Adobe are searchable, can they be searched in Evernote?

Any support would be appreciated

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I prefer to use very descriptive titles. So I would probably create a notebook named "manuals" & put all 12 (if I counted correctly) manuals in that notebook. The note names would be:

HP - Proliant DL380 G8 - manual 01 (or whatever the name is)

HP - Proliant DL380 G8 - manual 02

HP - Proliant DL380 G8 - manual 03

HP - Proliant DL380 G8 - manual 04

HP - Proliant DL380 G8 - manual 05

I would also probably use tags & assign three tags to each of these notes:

manuals, HP, Proliant DL380 G8

The advantage of the first method is that it's easy to quickly do an intitle search for the note(s) you're looking for.


intitle:HP, intitle:"Proliant dl380 g8" tag:manuals

The advantage of the second method is if I forget part of the name & know I'm looking for an HP manual, I can select two tags for my search & find all HP manuals. Using both methods is a bit redundant, but I'd still probably do it this way, especially when the note titles get very long.

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I think my main concern is the list would be unmanageable. I understand that using tags would help, just concerned it will be a huge list. Will have a try...thanks

It's no more unmanageable than the example you provided. IE, selecting the "manuals" notebook & the (in this case) three tags of "Blade", "HP", "Proliant BL465 G7 " will generate the same three results. You may even find some tags redundant. IE, my bills are entered into EN with the name & date of the bill. So my Cox bill for period ending 8/12/12 is titled "Cox 20120812". Although it goes into the "bills" notebook & may be tagged with "bills" & "2012", I can select all notes (don't need to go to the bills notebook & I have over 50,000 notes) and do the following search:

intitle:cox 201208*

And find the ONE note that is my Cox bill for August of 2012. IOW, if "Blade" is always an HP product (and I don't know if it is), then assigning HP & Blade tags is redundant. To take it a step further, if Proliant BL465 G7 is always HP and/or Blade, you may not even need to use those tags in your search. Doing something similar to my Cox example, you could just do:

intitle:"Proliant BL465 G7"

in the "manuals" notebook & find all notes pertaining to Proliant BL465 G7.

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I'd do it a little differently, because I am lazy. I'd give them descriptive titles (BNF had good suggestions) and make an "index" note with note links to all of them (drag and drop notes into one note in order to generate all links at once). Order this note as you please :)

I wouldn't use notebooks and tags, but if you do, that would be more hooks to help you locate things quickly.

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