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(Archived) How can I change the sort order of tags within a note

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If I create a note and tag it

"btag" "ctag"

and another note tagged

"dtag" "atag"

when I sort them in list view, the first appears above the second - but this is based on the arbitrary order of the tags assigned. This is quite frustrating as it means that if I don't assign tags in alphabetical order, I won't get alphabetical sorts.

Any thoughts?

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?? The order in list view is determined by whether you choose ascending or descending by 'title', 'created' etc - and OK, you can choose 'tags' as a sort order, but the order then can still run either way. Try clicking the 'tags' label again. I get 'atags' as a first entry without any problem.

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You didn't say what client you are using. That can make a difference.

My experience on the Windows client is that tags are sorted alphabetically in a note's tag list (should be the same in the list view Tags field), though that may not take place after after a sync. So if you sort on the Tags column in list view, then it will sort alphabetically as expected.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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