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(Archived) Full Screen in Lion Opens New notes...

evernote addict...


Ok, its me again.

I have the base model Macbook Pro Retina with Mountain Lion and Evernote 3.3

After I minimize Evernote from full screen or go back to the desktop, there are several new untitled notes opened in their own window... The longer I am in full screen the more new notes I find left on the desktop. Kindof like owning a ferret and finding presents all over the house....

Hope this information is helpful. I LOVE Evernote and find it indispensable. --- although not nearly as bad as my constant crashing,,,it would be nice to have this fixed too..

Thanks guys!!!

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Same here :-) Also running EN 3.3.0 & Mountain Lion.

Some observations:

* I get 12 new note windows opening after being in full screen mode briefly; don't typically stay there long so haven't counted whether this increases over time

* The windows appear incomplete, in that they have no title, folder or tags, and you can't interact with them

* They all display created & updated dates of the current date

* They all show domain names where you would normally expect that for a URL, and these appear to be sites I do clip from

* Nothing in the activity log regarding this


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