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(Archived) Evernote and RememberTheMilk

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Hi all... I'm a new user of Evernote and have been using RTM (RememberTheMilk) to implement my GTD (Getting Things Done) system.

I'm seriously thinking of switching to useing Evernote for my GTD system. The only thing I'll really loose fuctionality wise is the email/SMS reminders that RTM sends me. Other than that I'm liking Evernote for my GTD implementation.

Had anybody else out there switched from RTM to Evernote? I'd love to hear about your experience.



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I used to use Remember the Milk, but prefer Evernote. I wasn't crazy about RTM's web interface (though I liked how it was integrated into Gmail -- hint, hint, Evernote.)

I have an Evernote notebook called Action, which appears at the top of my Evernote notebook list. That's my GTD list, and it's very visible every time I open Evernote, either on the web or using the desktop software. I've set up the "Note List" view, so I can see the title of all my todo notes in Action. Simple and effective.

Of course, I use Evernote for so much more than a get things done system, and that's a big advantage over RTM. You can put everything in Evernote, so your GTD system also contains everything else you want to have on hand.

It took me a while to make the transition from RTM to Evernote, but now that I have an Evernote system that works for me, I can't see going back to Remember the Milk.

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I'm in the other direction. I tried to use EN as a GTD system, but it just doesn't work for me. Right now, I'm using a combination of Outlook and Remember the Milk. My preference is for Outlook, because I have it configured exactly the way I like it, but I like the portability of RTM.

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I use Evernote for so much more than a get things done system, and that's a big advantage over RTM.

I agree with you Tulsa. I've used every productivity app, hack, trick and software in the book. To date, Evernote trumps 'em all by providing me with a simple, flexible yet comprehensive system.

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Reoccurring tasks... that's one thing I'll miss when I move from RTM to Evernote. No biggie though, I can just put these on my Calendar as repeating.

Yeah, I'm beginning to realize the flexibility & power of Evernote. I always wanted more from the 'Notes' functionality on RTM, and now I get that AND MORE with Evernote. The ability to embed common media files into the notes is brilliant!

Ahhh... another thought just occurred to me... Priorities. Won't have them at a Note level per se in Evernote. Again, probably no biggie... strict GTD says I shouldn't be using them anyway!! ;-) I could always rig something with tags if I really needed to smack on a Priority to a Note.

Thanks for the feedback on this thread. Much appreciated.


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Reoccurring tasks... Priorities.


Funny thing is... my mind gets the above, but I rarely did them. Same thing with GTD's contexts, etc. In the end, I found each systems (From Covey to Gtd) process cumbersome. 99% of the time I was avoiding work by spending time "working the system". Truth be told, the work was almost always less interesting than working on, or tweaking, a new system.

In Evernote, I have Notebooks set up to reflect my roles (Covey), and inside each Notebook I have a note for each project (GTD). For each note/project, I have a to-do/Next Action (GTD), and underneath that, I update how the project is going i.e. calls I made, etc.

I have tags: Waiting For, Someday Maybe, etc a la (GTD)L

I use Dial2Do set to Evernote to input any spoken messages into my system.

I update the system each PM, and put my Most Important Actions "Projects/Notes" (Tim Ferris/Zen to Done) as Favorites on my iPhone.

To date, it's the best "system" I've ever used.

One day I'll create a blog with pixs detailing my hybrid system.

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