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(Archived) Suggestion - clip selection to an existing note

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I keep running notes to gather snippets of info on topics I follow, i.e. developments in the economy, etc. Would love to be able to:

1. Select text in a web page (I use Chrome)

2. Right click to get access the context menu

3. Select an option to "Add to an existing note"

4. Select from a list of notes I have previously designated as "ongoing" notes or something similar

5. Be able to set an option for each of these ongoing notes to have each new clip dated or not

Hope this makes sense.

PS - Love the product, like many folks I would really like to be able to use it to associate notes with tasks/to-do's, ideally linked to Outlook because I basically manage my day from within it. An absolute ideal situation would be to create a note from within Outlook AND at the same time create a linked task in Outlook.


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Hi and welcome to the forum; thanks for the suggestion, and no doubt it will go into the melting pot for future enhancements.. personally I prefer to keep one clip to a note - makes it easier to read on small screens if notes are shorter. Clipping in this way means you can link notes by tag, so they all come up together on searches. That's possible now, though with the added complications you're suggesting - options, new 'types' of note, dates etc - that's a lot of database re-engineering that has to happen without upsetting 30M or so users...

Evernote are developing date stuff (they've said), but meantime, have a look at Meshin Calendar which runs on iPhone and Android and integrates quite nicely. No desktop version yet though.

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I don't have many requirements to insert a note into an existing note. I prefer to keep them separate so I can utilize the Create Date to help track the notes.

There is one occasion where I do put them together using the following steps. The case involves capturing a strong graphic and headline from the Drudge Report and adding it to the actual text from the link (article).

I will capture both notes individually and then use the Evernote merge option.

Sometimes I will remove the blue separator bars between the two merged notes.

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Thanks. That is likely to be a tedious solution but it may work. Does the web app let you merge notes?

Yes!! (I didn't know that; but I tried it out for myself) Multi-select some notes from your note list (use Ctrl+Click, I don't think that Shift+Click selecting works), and notice that the note pane has turned into a selection pane. From there you can move the notes to a separate notebook, tag the notes,delete email or merge them.

Edit: too slow for gazumped!

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It is a nice suggestion, but how to choose the note to add is a problem -- the list will be too long.

There are some apps have some feature as you mentioned.

Postever on Android, Fastever on iOS, can allowed you write something with Geo-info into one note named with the date.

The evernote channel in ifttt have the function "append to note"

This Action will append to a note as determined by its title and notebook. Once a note’s size reaches 2MB a new note will be created.

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