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(Archived) BUG - Possible defect with Auto save

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I was keeping track of work hours using my evernote account. Had it saved to auto save. Made several updates yesterday with auto save feature turned on. Logged back in today and all the updates as well as hours I had kept track of for the last couple of weeks were now gone and the update appears to have been syced up with all my devices. I've lost all those hours and can't determine what could have caused the loss of data in the doc.

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Hi - welcome to the Forums, and sympathies for your loss. You don't mention what client, hardware or OS you use, so it's difficult to guess what might have caused this problem. If you're a premium user you should have access to your note history, or (depending on when and how this information went missing) you may find something in the Trash folder. To avoid making the problem worse I'd suspend syncing for now and raise a ticket with Support.. and it's no help at all now, but I'd also recommend regular local backups of your database.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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