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(Archived) Attachments: Photos

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I want to have a photo as an attachment to a note and it keeps embedding itself into the message. Which is fine --I can work around that. But I want to have the JPEG as an attachment as well. Does evenote not do this?

I thought I just got a message on my phone showcasing a user who uses Evernote for his photography business.


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Out of the box, Evernote defaults to embedding; it is possible to employ a registry hack which will allow you to set the image as an attachment, but that's technical, complicated and (if you're not naturally a bit tekky) risky for your peace of mind. An easier way is to rename the picture with an extension that isn't recognised - but you have to copy that file and rename it again to see it. (Some viewers are smart enough to detect the picture even with a misspelt extension). For that option, just change photo.jpg to photo.gpj or some such. Haven't read the photography piece yet, but I'd imagine he uses Evernote for planning and details but keeps his photos in Picasa or Flickr.

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