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(Archived) Want Notes List to remember my choices

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Hi Desdamona, welcome to the forum :)

Just to doublecheck, what Evernote client are you using? (Windows, Mac, etc...)

I suspect it is on Windows.


- Start Evernote

- Choose your preferred sort order

- File - Exit

- Run Evernote again and check whether it has stuck

For some people, this setting isn't saved, and doing this process (exiting via File - Exit) forces the setting to be saved in the registry.


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You're welcome :)

I really would like to know what causes this...I haven't seen it myself but others in the forum have.

I think it is related to shutting down, since the settings (As far as I know) aren't saved until all of the EN processes are closed (closing the window just ends one process) and I think that it gets interrupted somehow...I don't know...just a guess.


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