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(Archived) Rookie Question...... Adding Text boxes to PDF files

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So I just started using Evernote and cannot seem to figure out a way to add text boxes to imported pdf files. I have used other note taking apps in the past and the most useful thing for me is to be able to add text boxes directly on the pdf file where the note I am taking belongs. Is this possible in Evernote and if so how?!??


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Hi. Welcome to the forums. Evernote does not possess the ability to edit PDF files, or any file for that matter.

If you are on a Mac (for example) and you double click on a PDF, it will search your computer for an application that can open PDFs, and assuming Preview is set as your default, it will open it with that application. When you are done, it will save the PDF back into your note and upload it into your account (meaning that every time you edit a PDF it eats into your upload allowance). The same process holds for every other file type.

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