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(Archived) Tree Tag View Not Working For Android


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Hello, I've been a premium user of evernote windows for a couple of years, love the way I can organize with the nested tag feature. Got it for android and have a large screen tablet, but I cannot get my tag list to view like my windows evernote. Is this still a bug, the last time I tried the android version on my cell and thought it was because the screen was too small. I can easily sort it by name or note count, but I need to view the tree since I have so many tags nested within eachother. How can I fix this, when I go to tree view it only shows like 4 tags and I have hundreds. Thanks

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I am using the Android version on a Kindle Fire, and the tree structure is used, but it displays differently. Rather than a straight tree as is used on the Windows client, the top level tags at any one level are displayed in a vertical list, and each tag with subtags has a (possibly cut-off) list of those subtags to the right of its parent; click on a subtag list, and you view the top-level subtags in a vertical list as before. You can continue to navigate down the tree, or navigate to the parent tag.

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