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(Archived) Numbering between Mac and Windows



I'm having a problem with numbered lists after I used the evernote client on my Mac. For instance, I start a new note and create a numbered list on my PC. The note is synced and then if I open the note on my Mac and make changes, everything works well. I can insert numbers in the middle of the list without a problem. However, when I then sync and go back to the PC, I notice several problems with the note now.

See the attachment, but there are two problems highlighted in the red boxes:

Box A: Notice how the numbering jumps from 1 to 3 in the outer list instead of going to 2.

Box B: When I try to unindent, it creates a space between the current line and the line above.

Again, this seems to only happen after I use the numbered lists on the Mac version and then try to use it on the PC version. If I only use it on the PC version, I have no problems.

Both platforms are updated to the latest versions.


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