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(Archived) Additional apps to create

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I haven't gone through the forum to see if my ideas already exist so I apologize in advance. I like the idea of EverNote Food and thought that either creating a new app or better yet, expanding this app to cover more areas would be great. I would like to see the following areas. The app should be smart enough to group related items together say all books by a particular author.

1. Wine

- Name

- Vineyard

- Type (Red, White, Moscato D'Asti, etc.)

- Year

- Rating

- Notes

: System generated listing of all wines produced by this vineyard

: System generated listing of similar wines by type, year, etc.

2. Books

- Author

- Title

- Genre

- Publication date

- Notes

: System generated listing of all books produced by this author

: System generated listing of similar books by genre (here I wouldn't mind sharing all of the books I've ever read by rating so the system could recommend other books I might like)

When syncing any information to EverNote, PLEASE ask how the user how they want to organize/catergorize the information. I found out with EverNote Food that by default, it creates a seperate notebook for every restaurant which isn't useful to me. I would prefer a one Notebook called Food, Wine, Books and within these notebooks have my entries organized by a designated item like name.

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