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(Archived) REQUEST: Drag-and-drop onto menu bar icon in Mac



I was thinking today that it sure would be handy if you could create a new note by dragging something (text, a photo, or a file of the right type) onto the Evernote menu bar icon on a Mac. I know you can do this with Evernote showing in the dock, but it would be great to not have to start up Evernote (and/or show the dock, if it's hidden) just to do that.

I've got an app called Shovebox that has this functionality, and it comes in very handy for stashing random images or clips of text that have nowhere else to live. Now that I'm on Evernote, that sort of spur-of-the-moment, minimally-disruptive organizing process would be nice to keep—with all the added sync and search benefits Evernote's good at. If it behaved like a web-clipper and meant it wouldn't have to open the program to work, that would be even better!

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UPDATE: Now it works... Weird. Dragged and dropped from finder to icon and note magically appeared. Now I'm thinking it may be inconsistently working...

this used to be a feature in past versions. Not sure where it went away, but I recently upgraded to a MBPr running Mountain Lion 10.8.1 and cannot drag and drop onto EN icon in dock to create new note in default notebook. Where has this feature gone?

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