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(Archived) Evernote doesn't OCR businesscards

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Evernote doesn't ocr my business cards. They are scanned with the ScanSnap 1500 and send to the CardMinderprogram. Afterwards placed in Evernote. The format is PDF. I know it takes a little while untill Evernote does the OCR. But more than 48 hours???

Please help.

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Are you a Premium member? Evernote only OCRs if you are Premium. Also, for reasons that have been covered a lot in the Forums, you may want to have the ScanSnap software do the OCR before sending to EN. Your ch

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Thanks you Brooks for helping me out.

I understood from other posts that premium members where the first to be ocr'ed (but not the only-ones). Must have misunderstood.

The ScanSnap software doesn't do OCR in my language. Best way to go: Adobe Acrobat?

Why is the OCR of the scansnap better than the OCR of EN?

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Thans BurgesNFries, no more questions. I uploaded an image and it worked fine. (Although I don't use images within my system and this function is useless for me.)

Thanks jbenson2. It's clear to me that I have to do the OCR myself before uploading to Evernote. Nevertheless this makes me reconsider the use of Evernote.

Knowing this, I think that my way to go is using the windows 7 (64-bit) search option (instead of EN) and use an additional cloudservice to backup my files (dropbox for example).

(Next text of Brooks Duncan was a big help to me this morning, making this all work:http://www.documentsnap.com/how-to-fix-pdf-search-in-windows-7-64-bit/)

I have one year of premium account Evernote, but might not use it, because of the above and I am also happy with Microsoft OneNote. Does anybody think that Evernote still is a good idea in my situation?


Answering my own question: 'The ScanSnap software doesn't do OCR in my language. Best way to go: Adobe Acrobat?':

I think the best way is the ScanSnap OCR (using Abby OCR). It is not in my language, but that doesn't seem to matter (?). I can do it while scanning (faster) and it does a better job on handwritten notes than Acrobat (doesn't recognize them at all).

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