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(Archived) using a graphics tablet?

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I am a brand new Evernote user and I am trying very hard to start a paperless existence. To assist me in this I have hooked my graphics tablet up to my work computer. As I take messages from my phone I enter new inknotes. What I can't figure out is that in the title field I have the option to convert my handwriting to text, but in the actual main note field I do not. Why is this? I have searched on this forum and elsewhere and have read that Evernote does not convert handwriting to text, but that is clearly not the case as i has been doing so in the title field. What am I missing here?

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Hi - welcome to the Forums. Your commitment to paperless existence is commendable, but why be hung up on inknotes? You could more easily type details from the phone calls than rely on Evernote's (still slightly approximate) ability to 'OCR' your handwriting. If title conversions work for you, then you have an additional resource to create searchable text notes. If the note body remains unconverted you'll have to wait until someone, somewhere, gets around to upgrading the facilities on offer, Meantime to help searches you could save another note under the same heading with a typed summary of the discussion after the fact..

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