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(Archived) Can I Link Selected Excel Tab(s)?

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Hello folks, I am new here and have one question.

I have some excel files and would like to know if I can only link some selected tabs in a Microsoft excel workbook (not the whole file)? I have a particular excel file with lots of tabs, but would like to link only one of the tabs into Evernote application.



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Hi - welcome to the Forum. Short answer to your query - maybe. What exactly are you trying to do? It's not possible to attach part of a file to a note, you'd have to export the tab to a separate file and attach that. That file would open from Evernote and save back to Evernote once altered.

Or you could copy and paste screen grabs from a file into a note but still save the original back to your hard drive.

Or you could link to the file on your hard drive from the note. (? Can you link to a specific tab in Excel ?)

More info on the OS and the version of Excel please, plus the basic ...why, exactly?

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Thanks for your quick reply.

Let me explain more on what I am really looking for. I have photos and other documents in different folders in different PCs.


Different files in different folders in a PC "A" and would like to link some selected files to Evernote. In such case, I would ONLY like to know where they are. So, if I installed Evernote on my main USB thumb drive, I can stick it into the PC, open Evernote and open a particular logged file without searching my whole system for it. Simply said, in Evernote (in my thumb drive) in its database, I will have all my favorite files and folders more organized in one place, (in Evernote) and still be able to open the file with its application on my PC.


As in SCENARIO #1, with Microsoft's Excel file with different tabs, just link a tab into Evernote. Any modification will be in the original file (NOT through Evernote). An example is I have an excel file with lots of tabs as my database/note taking/reminder (etc) format. In this file, I have different tabs for each of the three cars we have with service dates, a tab for recipe, another for technical information I don't want to forget and many others. So, with Evernote, I will have one-shop-point of "contact" or search-path.

A good analogy of what I am really looking for is like having a PC with ten drives all with different items on them. It will be difficult to find things, so on my desktop, I will have links to my favorite files and folders. So Evernote will serve as my one-stop base, installed on a thumb-drive for portability.

Making the whole issue with Evernote even more gracious is its ability of even including web links and many other functions (which I have not tried yet).

My main goal is to have an organizer to help me remember where things are or for to-do list. But my main need is to be able to just link to an excel tab. Won't need to modify it anywhere else but in the original file and save it.

Thanks for your time on this issue.


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Broadly speaking you seem to want an index of your hard drive with active links to files, up to the point that you can ink direct to parts of files. That's fine in Evernote up to a point - if you can create and use a desktop link to a file (or even a portion of the file) on any hard drive, you can save that link to an Evernote note and add extra metadata so it's easy to find and use. I don't know whether you cam link to and Evernote tab, but if so you're fine. If not, you could link to the file and add the xtra "what's on which tab" information to the note. Jumping to the right tab should be a matter if moments once the file is open.

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I would imagine that if you are able to make a desktop shortcut to some object, then Evernote ought to be able to store and deal with it. I looked for a bit for a way to to make a desktop shortcut to an Excel worksheet, but didn't really come up with any feasible way to do it, though I did see a method using VBScript, which I doubt would work with Evernote. So I'm guessing that the answer's no, or at least not easily.

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I have more information I hope will help someone help out in finding a possible solution to my need with Evernote.

gazumped” sugested:

“If not, you could link to the file and add the xtra "what's on which tab" information to the note. Jumping to the right tab should be a matter if moments once the file is open.”

Yes, this will easily be possible, but would like to go a step further since I have an excel file with more than fifteen sheets (tabs). So, I would like to “jump” straight to the tab I needed at that moment by being able to create a direct link to the tab.

In creating a macro, first, I opened excel, renamed two sheets (tabs) to “Mazda”, “BMW” and left the third default sheet as “Sheet3”. I went to the “Sheet3” tab and saved the file as “Auto.xlsx” then closed this file.

I opened a new Workbook and created a macro to open the already saved “Auto.xlsx” file I previously created in the “Mazda” tab. When I ran the macro, it worked.

Below is the code to the macro I recorded:



' MAZDA Macro



Workbooks.Open Filename:="C:\AUTOS.xlsx"


End Sub

My goal with Evernote is to be able to link this macro and open a particular file, either from the thumb-drive or any hard drive the link is referenced to.

In excel, RECORD MACRO window, there are three choices on where to store the code. The three options are: 1. Personsl Macro Workbook, 2. New Workbook, 3. This Workbook. Here, I would believe it should be the “Personal Macro Workbook” option. What will happen if I were to install Evernote on a thumb-drive or access my data through the internet on any PC with excel?

I found this link on-line on storing he macro:


SIDE NOTE: I played around and created a macro to open a workbook, merged cells, added texts with different colors, copied cells and pasted. When I ran the macro for all that, it worked like a charm. But for Evernote, all I would need would be just to be able to open the file in the sheet (tab) I need.

I am really trying to see if I can use Evernote.

Thanks for all your times in helping me in this issue.


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