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(Archived) simple image editing

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given the difficulties with images in EN, such as

- needing to rotate

- poor quality of the iphone camera

- weak quality of phone cameras in general

- occasional need to adjust contrast or brightness to improve text recognition

is there any roadmap plan for integration with some simple (really simple) image manipulation platform? consider how flickr.com has the option to edit in Picnik built into it naturally.

of course, this would also necessitate a new action : re-index the image.


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The Windows client does include basic image manipulation operations (right-click on the image, Picture > Edit), but this doesn't really help with cameraphone issues. The problem there is the focal length of the lens, which makes up-close objects blurry unless you're either using one of the (few) phones with "macro mode" or else using something like:


Manually tweaking a blurry picture from an out-of-focus camera won't give you better image recognition results.

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