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(Archived) No instructions for ice cream sandwich?

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I would like to put more confidential information on my android phone with Evernote, but the site's instructions for logging off with android are out of date.

They advise users to go to the menu button while in Evernote and proceed, but the new ice cream sandwich version of android no longer has a menu button.

So, unable to log off Evernotes, my notes are freely readable by a stranger or thief if I lose custody of the phone.

Evernote support has ignored my request to update the instructions.

Can someone with a premium account take up the cause? I would sure like to put some low-risk passwords into a new note.

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Hi Larry, welcome to the forum :)

I guess that you are referring to this KB article:

Yes, it is indeed out of date, and displays incorrect instructions for Windows (it moved from Tools to File) as well as Android.

The current instructions are to swipe to the left until you see the screen with Notes/Notebooks/Tags etc...
(It is the panel with the grey background)

At the top, you should see your username, tap that and then you can choose Sign out.


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Anyone know how evernote describes it.

Any instruction involving swiping is bound to be misconstrued in some form or fashion. This grey menu can be accessed by either pressing back while viewing notebooks/tags/location or by tapping the Elephant icon in the top-left corner.
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Swiping right is correct; also tapping the elephant.

I guess I will never agree with these directional things...I am for ever saying to people "Scroll up...no the other direction" since I guess my perspective is the opposite.

I am probably wrong in the larger scale, but I feel I am going to the furthest left panel, so I swipe to(wards) the left...

Anyway, that is all personal silliness really :P

If I upgrade to premium, does pin provide enough security that I can dispense with signing off?

I would feel it is adequate. You are asked for the pin whenever you try to access EN, either by starting the app, searching, or returning to the app when switching.

This is something you would have to decide on, and I am not sure if there is a multiple fail resolution or other things with it...

Do you also lock your phone with a pin?

Also, how can I delete the default Cupertino location?

That would be the first "Getting Started" note. All you need to to is find that note in your account and remove the location information.

So, on android:

- Navigate to the grey panel (:P)

- Tap places - You should then see a list of places

- Tap the "Cupertino" one - You should then see the note

- Edit this note - and tap the places icon

- Tap remove pin

- Save the note

The location should then be gone from the list. :)


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Sorry. Just trying to clarify.

No problem, you are probably right anyway :P

And Blake still didn't tell us the official Evernote verbiage for this maneuver.

However he did remind me about tapping the elephant, which is the easiest move. Thanks!

Indeed, I will definitely be describing it that way myself from now on too :P

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This is a good forum, and I appreciate the support.

Scott, based on what you wrote, "I guess I will never agree with these directional things...I am for ever saying to people "Scroll up...no the other direction" since I guess my perspective is the opposite," it is clear that you live in Australia, yes?

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