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(Archived) REQUEST: Change note title *without* changing modification date



[NOTE: The forum forced me to select one category. However, this is a cross-platform request.]

As you know, that's how the Mac OS' Finder works, and it's brilliant. It's often necessary to change a note's title -- simply for clarity -- but not the note's content. This also comes up after I've created notes on my iPhone or iPad, as the procedure for titling notes, there, isn't always intuitive. Or sometimes there's just no time to enter a title, so I end up with a bunch of synced notes called "Untitled note," which I later need to retitle.

Whatever the reasons, I simply wish EN would allow us to change titles without triggering the "date modified" metadata.

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Whatever the reasons, I simply wish EN would allow us to change titles without triggering the "date modified" metadata.

That rather defeats the purpose of having a last updated field, so I'd guess this would probably not be implemented.

With all due respect, it does not at all defeat the purpose -- that is, if you understand that a note's title and its body (i.e., content) are two, distinct entities.

Consider a project that spans several days -- one for which there's a "working title" (or no title at all) for several days. Later, while completing the project, its title becomes apparent. You need to maintain the various notes created -- in the order in which they were created -- but you'd simply like to rename each with the title you've now selected. The contents of the notes do not change one iota. You simply want to change "Untitled note" or "Writing session" to "My Wonderful New Project," in order to be able to search by title and find all relevant notes.

Another example, as I stated, is the creation of notes on handheld devices. If one must capture info quickly, for example, all notes are initially saved as "Untitled note." Later, when organizing the notes, it's extremely advantageous to be able to name the notes without destroying the date that the content was modified.

As I stated in my original post, this is how the Mac OS works, and it's brilliant. Years later, you can go back to a document entitled "My Wonderful Project" and change its title to "My Wonderful Project (Inception)" without flagging the date-modified metadata. You have not in fact modified the document at all; you've only modified it's title for clarity (or for whatever reason).

If one absolutely must force a document's date-modified metadata to reflect the current date and time, one always has the option of opening the document, hitting a key, hitting "undo," then hitting "save." But the behavior I've requested gives the user the (oft-needed) option of updating a document's title without changing the modification date. Whether or not you agree, I trust you can understand how at least having this option would benefit users who work differently than you do.

There are many scenarios in which that behavior would be useful. Fortunately Steve Jobs and Apple were visionary enough to understand this.

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