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Evernote for Police Foundations

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As the President of a Police Foundation, I have been using Evernote to capture thoughts, ideas, links to other Foundations as well as general references to fund raising activities.

I continue to look for ways that Evernote can be used for both Foundation work and Fund Raising.

I see there is a current thread on “Using Evernote for Non-Profits” and that is certainly one that I will follow. I think however that while there are a lot of similarities amongst all non-profits.. there are also a lot of differences when it comes specifically to fund raising to support your local Police agency … i.e. the work of Police Foundations.

Do we have any Police Foundation members among our forum ranks who wish to comment on the above, or expand upon it?

In the meantime let me point you to a Wikipedia page I continue to update with links to all the Police Foundations I have identified… mostly in the USA and a small number International.



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Hi Tom. Does the link to your notebook on my website work?


It should be the same one...

No, it brings up a May pdf file.. but my Evernote has one dated August 14th.

Oops, I take it back. I suppose if I were to synchronize it might make a difference! My bad.

YES, now your link DOES work. Thanks


You're welcome. Glad to hear it is displaying correctly :)

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