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Hey there,

is there any way that let me organize Notes as part as a greater story (like the structure of a thesis)? I currently use Evernote Links but I don´t really find it very handy.

Another solution that would be probably easier would be folding bulletpoints.

Any idea?

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Hi - welcome to the Forum. There's no current way to organise notes other than by notebooks, links, titles or tags. Having said that, a little ingenuity with one or more of the above can go a long way - you can create a hierarchy in titles or tags by using a standard format - <parent>_<child>_<child>_<individual title> - and then sort a list into order; or for simplicity you can cover the same ground by sorting notes into different notebooks for sections and then using a shorter title/ tag combination to deal with lower-ranking order. You can also embed unique keywords or codes into notes so that a search will find various levels of content. (Be aware that the search criteria don't like non-alphanum characters. Qwerty is OK for a code Qw3@# isn't).

Having said all of which, I'm one of several around here who feel that some more visual ways to organise notes - stickynote or mindmap style forinstance - would be good.

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As a writer myself, I find the inability to easily manually sort items to be a drawback for long projects. I too would like back links (like you find in VoodooPad or other personal wiki software), but I suspect that is pretty difficult in a program like Evernote that lacks unique titles (unique note identifiers, but that is something else when it comes to automatic linking).

There are a couple of clumsy workarounds. With tags (you can do parent/child or just leave it flat). A note would always have at lest two tags: one with the main chapter, and a second one telling you where it is in the chapter. The notebooks work similarly.





chapter 02

With note titles, you can accomplish this a little easier. Just put 01-01, 01-02, 01-03, 02-01, etc. in name of the note and sort by title. Of course, if you decide to change the order later (I frequently do), it is a mess.

All of my drafts begin in Evernote, but eventually I migrate to Scrivener (software made for writing) and then to Word or Pages (for final publishing).

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Yes, EN is not designed to be a structered writing/story tool. For that other software is serving the purpose much better. WORD or SCRIVENER as Grumpy pointed out, come to mind. They let you change and regroup your writing with ease.

Personally, I am also using a visual mind map when brainstorming at the beginning of a writing project (Gazumped mentioned this above). There are several out there (Freemind, X-Mind, MindMeister).

EN is the perfect companion for the software above (not your main writing tool), as it let's you gather the info, snippets and bits and pieces you need for your writing project.


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The idea of "Evernote Storify" sounds great to me and i agree that the official Evernote apps are not really suited for this.

But this could be a great opprotunity for 3rd party developer. Maybe you'll find one who is interested in the forum or at the ETC conference this week.

Good luck


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Another workaround if you like mindmapping - links to notes on your local drive will work from any URL-capable mindmap; so do a 'copy note links' of a list of notes from Evernote into your MM editor of choice, then drag and drop the note links into their correct place on the map under your various headings.

Doubleclick the links to open notes to check content, and copy/ paste some or all of it into the map as you get close to a finished version. Use the map output to generate a WP file of the contiguous content - and save that working file back into Evernote...

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