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(Archived) Feature Request: "Favorites" or "Index" notes

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I would like to see "Favorite" or "Star" notes option, I will try to explain why.

I have a few notebooks, for example, "Photography", where I put inside lots of info about that topic.

When I start to get more notes on that notebook, it's starts to be difficult to find what I want... So I would like to have a "start" note, that would be/remain (like a "sticky" post on the forum) at top of every other note, where I could create some kind of index to all the subjects I have inside that notebook.

On this index I would have direct links to the correct notes.

This would be awesome, and I think it's still not possible to do, but correct me if I'm wrong!

Congrats on your amazing products!


Luis Ramos

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This has been discussed quite a bit on the board already. SInce EN does not publish road maps, the best way to deal with this is use a tag (IE "favorites"0 that you can apply to your favorite notes. Then you can do a saved search or use text expander apps to do something like:

tag:photography tag:favorites

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That's exactly the request I just wanted to propose as well. Of course the given reply is a workaround which I am using already - but it doesn't answer the request and the importance of it.

On a general note: While EN doesn't share andy road maps with us (which I think is a shame), would they still respond to our feature request in this forum? What (and where in this forum) is the best way to propose our requests - with good chances to get a reply from the EN team?

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This is a user forum, there is no expectation that Evernote staff will respond to posts but apparently they read most of them.

If you have a feature request you can leave it here or send a support ticket, it's unlikely you will get a response confirming whether the feature will ever be implemented.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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