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(Archived) Skitch no longer remembers my ftp password


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For some while now, Skitch has not been remembering the password to the ftp site I use to upload images. My main use of Skitch is to grab an image, upload it and give me a forum link.

I've removed Skitch and all the support files, downloaded a new version from the App Store (I previously had the non app store version) but it's still happening.

I use complex passwords so each time this happens, I need to open 1Password, grab the appropriate password and put it back into Skitch.

This is very frustrating. It seems to hold the password for a few days and then it simply goes.

Running OS X Mountain Lion on a 2011 iMac.

The problem was there with Lion.

Is there a fix for this problem?

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My apologies, I didn't even realise what was happening when you said it had been added to a bug list. I was discussing an older version (all the way up to the last v1....was it .12?), so when you said it was being looked into I was quite pleased.

I've just realised you're far from likely to be fixing an old version ;)

Sorry about that! I guess I'll just have to live with it if I want to stay on v1.....

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