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Evernote & LiveBinder


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I am learned about Evernote in March 2012 while searching for productivity tools that can be used by all my devices. I love the idea of streamlining my efforts. I'm working on how best to apply it to my high school science classes. I teach Oceanography & Earth Science. The school where I teach is adopting an 1:1 model this semester by leasing iPads for our students and for us with textbooks loaded on them. I have chosen Evernote paired with a Flipped Classroom technique to deliver content to my students. As far as I know, I am the only teacher at my school choosing to Flip my Classroom.

I am a bit overwhelmed with options/choices. Recently, I saw LiveBinder. If you are using Evernote is there a need for LiverBinder? Do they work hand-in-hand? Or would it just complicate things overmuch? Since this is a pilot for me, I want it simple for me to maintain and simple for my students to learn how to use. I do see some features of LiveNote that would be nice such as the way it is visually in tabs within a binder.

Can someone please clarify this for me? I love the idea of Evernote as a productivity tool and I've downloaded all of the Apps. I know it will be a transition for my kids (and me!) and parents. LiveBinder has a visual component that I feel will be comforting for all involved in the transition, including my administrators.


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Hi. Welcome to the forums.

I haven't flipped my classes or used livebinder, so I can't comment directly on that, but I think you might want to reach out to some othern1:1 programs to see what they are doing. Evernote has some nice stuff on their site at http://evernote.com/schools/ Montclair Acadmy could help you out, I think, and if you are at the Evernote Trunk Conference you can speak with experts firsthand. I believe the presentations will be posted online after the conference.

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I am using both Live Binders and Evernote, but see them as separate entities. When I was gathering materials, I used Evernote for notes and webclips. Then when I was ready for my final product (a weekly lab manual), I used Live Binders. They are both great!

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I use EN for many things, and am always looking for more uses. I've created templates for grading speeches, but learned about Kustom Note the other day, so will be trying that for the upcoming school year. I also use EN to take meeting notes, create checklists, and anything else I can think of!

Because I have Premium, I can take my iPad anywhere and look at my information without being near wifi connections. This works for everything, of course!

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I am also on the same endeavor...only teacher at my school trying to flip the classroom, and trying to figure out how to do the online notebooks...love the look of livebinders. It seems like a lot of extra work though to re-enter things from one to the other. Please do let me know if you come up with a resolution! (I teach Bio 1 and Field Biology!)

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I am exploring coming out with an iOS that joins all notes, notes resource into 1 shared notes. When I took a look at livebinders, I felt this is essentially the same. However, I noticed livebinder is nothing more than just creating a webpage. Correct me if I am wrong

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