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(Archived) Syncing Questions?

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I'm sure there's possibly a more efficient way in getting an answer to this question, but I've been so discouraged with my iPhone's "notes" application that I just wanted to get a direct answer with Evernote before going any further. So far I love Evernote, so I'm definitely off to a good start. ;)

My question:

Now that I have all of my notes synced with online, my Mac AND my iPhone… when i go to sync from my phone again… does it sync FROM my phone to everything else or will it go from what's online TO my phone? Does that make any sense? Or does it JUST update anything that's new across everything?

I've had problems in the past with the iPHone's "notes" and i've lost several notes or they don't sync in the right direction… like my MacMail will have an older version of a note and it will sync to my iPhone… leaving me with the older version of the note rather than the other way around.

And this is the VERY reason I'm switching to Evernote… along with Evernotes clean and easy display. It already seems like a great upgrade indeed!

Thanks in advance for letting me ask such a lame question.

Though… it's not lame to me at the moment! ;)


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