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(Archived) Feature Request for Mac: Faster way to switch from "View as attachment" to "View in-line"



Maybe this is already possible, but if not. I would like to either select multiple notes and toggle between how I want to see the attached pdf, or have a keyboard shortcut.

Reason for this is early on I did not want to name my pdfs before I dropped them into Evernote. Now, the process of manually renaming each resource by first switching to "view as attachment" then back is just way too painful. Perhaps an alternative solution would be to allow renaming resource while viewing inline.



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With version 3.3 we now have the ability to rename attachments more easily - I am wondering why there isn't an option to rename attachements by default to the name given to the note.

I end up with a mess on my hands anytime I try and email a document to someone else because I have to drag the pdf to desktop (or out of EV) and then rename it so the person receiving it has some ability to know what it is - and then drag it to my email client. (I know I can email directly from EV, but I really dislike this method for various reasons).

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