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(Archived) Evernote and ScanSnap S1500M Issues

Dana McLendon


Evernote and the ScanSnap S1500M have decided not to play nicely any more. I know the scanner is functioning properly because it will scan documents directly to Acrobat. It is when I try to scan documents into Evernote that I have the problem. On most settings, it will scan the document and I get a proper preview, but when I hit, "Finish Scanning" the dialogue box disappears but there is no new note. If I use other settings, the document will scan in, but it does an OCR Text Recognition regardless what settings I use for it.

I don't want to have everything I scan subjected to OCR, it'll take way too long.

I'm running Mountain Lion.

Anyone else having these problems? More importantly, anyone have any solutions?

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I have a similar problem with no solution. I am on 10.8.1 and reinstalled scansnap completely with no fix.

I use the scanner button to initiate a scan. Then I hit finish scanning. The OCR box comes up (which is what I want) but the new note never appears.

What I do is drag the scanned pdf to evernote and that adds it to the database.

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There is a thread on here somewhere about issues with the Scansnap and the App Store - have a search and you might find it.

The quick fix I think was to download the app directly from Evernote rather than using the App Store version, maybe the sandboxing is causing the issue. Sorry for the vague response but I'm not a scanner so I didn't take much notice.

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