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(Archived) Speech-to-text mashup for Evernote

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Hello Evernote Developers!

I'm part of faberNovel's team working on an upcoming event for AT&T. Our event is called DevLab and its going to be held in the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. We'll be showcasing AT&T's new Speech-to-text technology API - AT&T Speech. Their new API brings speech recognition to your app platform.

Evernote is the best note management platform out there, and we’d love to see developers build speech to text on top of it.

AT&T's Speech-to-text technology makes a lot of sense for this mashup:

- It is cross-carrier

- Native and HTML5 based SDKs are under development, meaning that it will be a cross-device technology

- It uses different speech contexts in order to improve the accuracy of the speech recognition (Web Search, Business, Voicemail, SMS, Q&A, TV, Generic)

- We are also developing basic example apps which anybody will be able to use as a boilerplate app to hook up to Evernote's API.

We are very excited about the opportunity to mashup Speech-to-text technology with smart apps such as Evernote, we hope you feel the same way!

We’d love to hear new ideas on how this Speech API could be used with Evernote.

Thank you in advance.


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