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(Archived) How to Export notes as text for use in databases?

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I need to export my notes to text, so I can edit them and then import them into databases (MySQL and Access) or Excel--for eventual use as Web content.

So --I've been searching for a way to export Evernote notes to text or .csv files (I'm use a Windows PC)--but am not finding any answers.

Am I missing something? I would think that there would be a way to Export Evernote notes to text, thereby stripping the formatting.

Exporting to HTML necessitates a lot of extra work--I have to manually convert HTML to text, then edit, then cut-and-paste into my database or spreadsheet . . . etc.

I tried exporting to XML and then opening the file in Excel--but that doesn't work.

I find it hard to believe that there is no way of adapting Evernote notes so they can be reformatted to use as plain text or Web content.

Any advice and help appreciated.



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Hi - welcome to the Forum. While there have been calls for a 'text only' version of notes, Evernote doesn't currently claim anywhere to offer a conversion option - you save stuff to a note, and you can organise it, tag it and find it again as required; but formatting - especially if you're talking multiple document types, various OS's and HTML - is kind of an advanced topic.

Evernote does offer the 'simplify formatting' option - control-space in a note or right click the text - or you can clip text via Clearly, or use the web clipper. In both cases see ~Tools ~Add-ons ~Options.

Or you could select all and paste into Notepad, then copy and paste from there. Likewise with a word processor. Or see Evernote's ~Tools ~Options ~Note choices for default text. Or convert the content on the way into the note - taking it via Notepad - or when it's actually in there: see the enml editor. Not sure if any of that will help, but it's all we got for the time being..

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