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(Archived) All my notes gone



I went to look up some info I had in EN this morning, and all I can see is the first part of each note in the multi-note part. The pane that used to show the full note is now blank, in all 3 views! So when did this break and is there any plan to fix it in the forseeable future, or will this be like the broken text feature and remain broken indefinitely? I really would like to see my notes in the local version someday again. Fortunately, I can see the full note in my cloud database, but I had some local critical ones that were not synced for security reasons, and I can only see the first couple of lines of those. Is there a fix coming? Any idea how soon? Or is it just my database that's corrumpted somehow from lack of use?

I tried adding a new note and it won't let me add one. It will create an untitled note, but the lower panel won't accept and entry of any kind. Useless. How do they manage to make this software more and more useless with each new version? This software has been going steadily downhill since the genius took over and trashed the old EN and came out with Version 3! Everytime I come back to use it, there's something more wrong with it. A year or so ago, the editing feature was broken and the text was all over the place in the notes and it took them months to fix it. Now this. This is so frustrating.

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Hi. Sorry to hear about the problem you are having. It is not something that I am seeing on my Mac. Could you tell us your OSX and Evernote version? Also, I would recommend contacting customer support (see my signature). If you post the support ticket number here and keep us updated on the progress of your case then that will be a big help to other users who might experience the problem.

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I am having the same thing right now.

Description of problem:

I am having a bug of two evernote helper icons in my Mac OS taskbar. Since that annoys me, I usually quit one. However it lead to an Evernote crash this time.

After re-opening, all notes were gone. I think the bug is more of a display bug, rather than notes actually being gone (notes are still there on the web version).

However, this might lead to syncing errors as one of the sources (native app) isn't working properly. I consider my notes very important, so this is a big problem to me to keep using Evernote.

I am using Mac OSX 10.7.4 / Evernote Version 3.2.0 (06/28/2012) build 300088.

If anyone finds the right solution, I'd like to hear how to solve this.


- Vin

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