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(Archived) Tag list broken?



in evernote 3.3.0, when i click on tags at the left, even though they show they've been assigned to notes, no notes are displayed. I've relaunched the app, but there's no change. no matter what tag i select, evernote says "no notes were found."

is this a known issue?

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I can't say for sure if this applies to your problem, but I find myself constantly clicking on something (a tag or notebook) and finding no notes. Clicking on the All Notes icon (or using the shortcut key) to clear the search filter always solves the problem (that I am having). In other words, I keep getting tripped up by previous search filters.

It is kind of sad really, because it has been months now (February?) since I upgraded and lost the search explanations, and I really ought to have adjusted by now, but still haven't. I was really dependent on that feature, and it is sorely missed. I'll get over it eventually! Is it possible that you are experiencing something similar?

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