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(Archived) Where did the sync function go on Android & On the Web


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Evernote for Web does not have a sync function as such. It is a view o f the hub of the service. Other clients sync to it.

Don't have an Android client available to check where Sync is on current client.

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Slide the screens to the right until you see the "Home" screen. Not sure what the official name is, but it's the screen from which you can create new notes of various types.

It's slightly different on tablets & phones, keep sliding them to the right until you see the grey background.

"Sync" is at the bottom.

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Unless you have selected to automatically sync in the options, you can still manually sync by tapping the sync button on the bottom of the screen on the home slide out pane. Just slide to the right and you should be able to get this screen, or you can just spam the back button until you get there.

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