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(Archived) REQUEST: Evernote Lite

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I am quite happy with Evernote, but find myself spending a lot of time modifying the layout of copied content. In addition, when typing new notes, I would like a more simple approach towards text editing (less = more).

For instance, I have no need to distinguish between 12 different font sizes. Normal, larger and largest will do.

Same for fonts. I would be quite happy with one preset proportional font (e.g. Arial) and maybe a Courier font for code.

This would make my text more consistent within and throughout notes.

In addition, it would be nice if there would be keyboard accelerators to enable mouse-less operation with uninterrupted typing flow.

I also would like the notes to be stored in HTML-format for easy processing in other apps.



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Hi - welcome to the Forum. Thanks for the suggestions, and I'm sure the Evernote developers will look at these as part of any review of the note editing software. It's been much requested, but there are no signs it's coming anytime soon.

As for HTML format notes, there's probably little possibility of that without rewriting the whole package - things kind of revolve around the current content architecture.

We'll just have to wait and see what comes along...

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