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(Archived) Android Plugin/App for Browsing Notes


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Is there any Android app with a good UI for browsing Evernote notes?

I find the Android Evernote Application to have bad UI in a browsing notes approach.

The notebooks are difficult to distinguish from the notes itself.

There's to much space being wasted in listings, there should be more listing options besides snippet and listview, there's so much unwanted information, I just want to see names to choose, nothing else.

The app itself is slow at some points.

And a simple but with high productivity enhancement is the swipe on the note to get to the next/previous note in the list.

This one is a must. Tired of seeing one note, going back, search for next note (because the last one isn't highlighted or anything), pressing the next note. And this over and over.

With a simple swipe browsing through notes would be a snap.

They really should look at GTasks to see how a good UI is made.

I don't see Evernote to change all this sometime soon, so is there any Application that uses Evernote that has a better UI?

I recognize that Evernote sync system and desktop experience is one of the best. My problem is with the Android app.

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I just want to see names to choose, nothing else.

I don't know of any Android apps just for browsing notes, and those that I am aware of (Meshin Calendar being one) operate on the same basis as Evernote - they all assume you want to search for a specific note, so aim to open individual notes fitting certain criteria rather than giving you a carousel-like view of several.

I use the snippet view in Android which allows me to thumb through a long list and easily identify a target note - usually this is one of the recent notes I created with maps, directions etc. Both the list and the snippet views scroll seamlessly and quickly for me.

Try setting your notebook(s) up for 'offline searching', otherwise the notes have to download from the net each time you open them, which may account for some slowness.

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