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BUG: Note Window Postion Changing



The latest Mac app store version of the Evernote Mac application (on 10.8) does not remember the window position for notes opened in a separate window. In the past, if you opened a note in a separate window, resized it and moved it to the side of the screen, and then shut it, the next note you open in a separate window will show up in the same size and position. In the latest version, they don’t. You can drag and resize as you like, the next note you open will come up smack in the middle of the screen. I rely on Evernote as the my central data base for information I collect from the internet, and when I’m writing a report, I have an EN window on one side of the screen and a Word window on the other. If notes keep opening in middle of the screen, forcing me to drag each note back to the side, it just not useful any more.

If this is a bug, please correct ASAP. If it is a “feature” let me know so I could find another solution

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After some tests, it appears the issue is more complex than first appeared. There is a way to make the note window stick to its position. Drag they note window to the place you want, shut down the whole app and restart it, and now when you open a note in a separate window, it will appear where you want it.

But not quite…

From there on, every time you open a note in separate window, it slides to the right about a centimeter. When it reaches the other end of the screen (the right side), it jumps back to the left side again, and so on. This is creepy, literally.

Please, please, find a solution ASAP.

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Hi. Developers don't always respond directly here on the forums. Your best bet to get eyes on it is to submit a support ticket (see my signature).

I haven't tested it myself on the Mac. I'll try to remember to do that this afternoon. On an 11" screen I don't tend to have many Windows open at once and rely instead on Full Screen mode. What I do is open a "New Evernote Window" (?) so that I have the full app open in each screen. This is really useful in my workflow.

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That is correct.

And when on earth are you planning to fix this? Do you see how difficult it makes it for people to work with EN? I need EN to be side by side with my Pages window when I'm writing stuff and if every time I open an EN window it's going to jump to the middle of the screen it just makes things unworkable.

You’ve released so many updates since I first reported the problem and it is still there. If fixing a stupid bug that is irritating the hell out of your longtime users is not a priority for you, let us know so we could find a different service to use.

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Exact same issue as bgreeno. I've reproduced this on several computers, inc. on a totally clean install of OS X. I'm pretty sure I've seen this bug in all versions of Evernote Mac released in the past few months, although it's a relatively recent bug, as I don't recall seeing it in the original 5.0.0 release.


This is pretty annoying, especially when working with multiple apps side-by-side. Any words from Evernote employees/support?







Forgot to add the usual info:

OS X 10.9.1 (13B42)

Evernote 5.4.4 (402282)


And, just in case, the steps to reproduce, as can be seen in bgreeno's video:

- Open Evernote app.

- Close main window.

- Click on Evernote's Dock icon.

- Main window pops up in a different place.

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