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(Archived) Entering Correct Username and Password Does Nothing..



I can log into the web version fine, same with iphone, but when I log into the Evernote App, The login dialog goes away but nothing happens after that. So I click the Evernote icon and it pops up the Username/Password dialog box and then its back to the dialog disappearing after i enter the correct info.

Any ideas?

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Did you get your issue resolved? I'm having the same problem, started happening when I installed the last Evernote update. I can still use Evernote on my iPhone, iPad & PC, but not on my mac.

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It does not work when using my email address either, after I sign on the window disappears, the sync status window opens, but is blank and if I click the Evernote trunk under window I get an error saying unable to connect to Evernote. Evernote is currently unavailable or you do no currently have a network connection. I'm using version Version 3.3.0 on a Mac OS X 10.7.4

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