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(Archived) REQUEST: Tag remove, keep search results

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When rearanging or reassigning tags ( when showing notes isearch results) I sometimes want to first delete a tag and then add another one

If the first tag is part of the search then the note "dissapears" from the view instantly

Would be great that the note could remain on the view untill moving to another note

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Which client are you using?

You can do exactly this in Evernote Windows via the Assign Tag (Ctrl+Alt+T) function.

AFAIK Windows is currently the only client that provides this function.

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Sorry to resurrect the old topic, but I have a saved search for notes with no tag. I often need to assign multiple tags to one of those notes (or many in succession - I am using The Secret Weapon). As soon as I add one tag to a note, it disappears from the search results, and I can't add the second tag.


Note - obviously I can find the note and add the second tag, but if I have 15 new notes that I've emailed myself, its severely increasing the amount of time it takes to put two tags on each.

Note2 - I could put the tags on via the subject line of the email, but that requires assigning the priority level of the task before I'm ready to do so.


I just don't want the note I'm editing to go away until I click on a different one.

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