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(Archived) REQUEST: Link forward < - > link back

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As great as EN is, i'm "missing" some features

1) if I link from note1 TO note2, a link back to note1 in note2 would be very handy ( so all notes who link to that note summarized in a "footnote" ).

FYI I've searched the forum roughly to see if anybody allready mentioned , but couldn't find them. so maybe i' m a sole requester or terrible at searching. I've put my FQ's in separate posts to see if there are many people who like them as well and LIKE or comment on them individually

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The method I use for groups of related notes, (when I don't want to create a new tag), is to create a custom unique 6 digit search code.

For example, I paste the following example into all the relevant notes.Search Code 23FP92

I applied this sort of code to all the notes that pertained to a new oven we purchased. Shopping comparisons, sales associates business cards, purchase receipt, carpenter installation info, warranty details.

I have a different code that links all the relevant details on a recent fall - emergency room, doctors, stitches, X-Rays, cast for broken wrist, physical therapy visits and bills not covered by insurance.

When I search using the code, I can see the big picture and find all notes that pertain to a specific issue in a time-line fashion.

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