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I have been using the paid for version of Evernote for some time now and I love it, everything in one place although I do have a few requests which would at least please me if no one else.

The ability to resize an image , I don't want to alter its real size just shrink it down on the page so that text flows nicer around it.

The ability to either create template notes or copy and paste other notes, I have a nice format for all of my meeting notes so have created a note called template_meeting but on the iPad I have to email it to my Evernote account so I have another fresh copy to rename and use.

The ability to edit open office files from within Evernote , I appreciate this might be a big ask but it would be nice especially on the iPad.

The ability to create tables on the note when using the iPad client. I like to keep things organised but finding that during a meeting I am just jotting things down then having to go back to the desktop to pretty up the format, it would actually be nice to see the full editor thats available on the windows version on the iPad.

I love the idea of watched folders this is great but I would also love to be able to point at a folder on the windows version and it automatically create notes from all of the documents or files inside, kind of like moving all of my Dropbox files and documents into Evernote with a one click import (maybe also use the folder structure as tags).

That said the latest updates are excellent keep up the good work. After achieving the paperless office using Ubuntu and scan2pdf I now intend to attempt a paperless home.


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