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(Archived) Anyone else hating on the new Safari Web Clipper ?


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Here's a rant I posted on the EN blog a couple of days back ... I use EN a lot for online research, and the new clipper was slowing me down incredibly. I tried to find an old version to roll back to, but for now I'm having to settle for the bookmarklet.

So is anybody else missing unobtrusive, sane, elegant clipping ? Is anybody else feeling the hate ?


I appreciate the effort, but honestly, you guys should think about redubbing this newfangled guy “Web Clippy”, because just like it’s great uncle over at Microsoft it’s 1) obtrusive 2) slow 3) sufficiently inaccurate that it’s counter productive to even think about leaving it installed.

1) I do not need notebooks and categories suggested. Even when “Web Clippy” is right, it fills in the data slower than I can just type it in myself.

2) I DESPISE popups, especially those that I have to click to make go away. Honestly, are you trying to make Evernote look/feel like Spamware?

3) First do no harm! How can you turn something so friendly and unobtrusive into something so annoying, without at least including options to disable this *****? I don’t want to see related notes, I don’t want condescending suggestions … and if you want to add these features as options in Evernote for newbs, fine, but get out of my Safari where I”m here to work and do research.

As a 2+ year subscriber to Evernote, a service that I adore and which is absolutely a lifeline for my job, I just uninstalled “Web Clippy” and now I’m off to find one of the old version so I can return to the sane, elegant way to upload snippets of web data.

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To disable the suggestions, click "Options" in the bottom left corner of the Clipper window, and then set "Enable Smart Filing" to "Disable Smart Filing".

To hide related notes, click "Hide Related Notes" in the bottom left corner of that window, and they will stay hidden for any future clips until you show them again. To hide this entire window always, go to the Options page by clicking the link at the bottom left corner of the clipper window, and uncheck the "Enable Notifications" checkbox (you will no longer see confirmation that your clips have succeeded).

You can also dismiss the Related Notes window by clicking the "Close" button, OR by clicking anywhere outside the window on the page, OR by pressing ESC.

-Tyler Karaszewski, clipper dev.

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Thanks for walking me through the roll back ! Finding myself bombarded with obtrusive new features that I didn't need -- and right in the midst of a major research project, like I always am -- made for an extremely frustrating distraction, like being forced to change horses in the middle of a race. I didn't care how shiny the new horse's mane was, or how ergonomic the new saddle was, I was trying to run a race.

I understand your team is working hard to implement fun, helpful new features, and I know it's maddening to author new features that your user base doesn't even know about because they wind up being tucked away in deeply nested menu structures. But isn't there a happy medium somewhere? Isn't there some strategy for maintaining a straightforward, intuitive interface, the kind of interface that is largely responsible for EN's success and for your dedicated fan base, and still roll out new features in a way that's enticing rather than distracting and frustrating to the user?

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