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(Archived) find on page functionality missing?


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I have one long document in my evernote account. It is a list of sites and account details (full passwords are not listed). When I go to a site and I need to log in, I used to use google docs, er, google drive, to search for my login info. However, on mobile, Drive cannot search inside the document and take you to a specific line. It can only tell you which document has the searched for word.

This appears to be the case with evernote too!

Is this an oversight? How do I use an android phone to search INSIDE an evenote document for a specific word then being taken to that specific word?

As a workaround, I can use Opera on my phone, which is set to Desktop user agent, so I can search with the same functionality as on a desktop, but this is onerous, and it currently appears to work only with Drive, not evernote. If I try this with evernote, using a mobile browser, then the html that evernote's servers are using makes it impossible for me to select one document from my evernote collection and open it. I can choose it on the left, but the text doesn't open correctly on the right.

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Welcome to the forums.

Did you consider using LastPass to manage your account credentials? It has a very good search facility if needed and is available almost everywhere.

Have not used a recent Android client so I can't address your specific question.

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If I read the request correctly, you're storing your login data (or hints thereto) in one long document. Try cutting and pasting the contents into your note directly. Evernote's search should find and jump to your target. If you use formatting that the basic Note format can't handle, 'printing' that to a searchable PDF format and saving the PDF file as a temporary lookup. You'll be able to open the PDF file in the Evernote Android client and then search within that file (with the PDF viewer search tools) for the individual details you need. The Android client search works fine for me.

In either case above, if you need your data in a specific format that's not compatible with Evernote search, just keep your working file embedded in the same note so you can update it easily...

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Thanks for the suggestions so far.

Owyn, LastPass appears to be overkill for this. I just need a text editor that can scroll to the searched for term. LastPass costs per month, and at least one reviewer complained about having to scroll through long lists. That is just what I have to do now with evernote to find anything. LastPass on android is also getting lots of negative reviews.

gazumped, my document already is in an evernote note directly. I just created a new note on evernote's web interface, and then copied and pasted my approximately 12-page document from google docs. Could formatting incompatible with evernote have gotten in this way? It was just text, basically, from the start.

Evernote's search does not jump to the searched for term. On the android client, I get only a general search. It searches all my documents and tells me which document the searched for term is in. I can't go there, though.

I know I can export to pdf and then use a pdf reader. That was the workaround I had used before, but that is even more onerous. A simpler workaround would just be to use a note client/text app in android, copy and paste the whole document from evernote into a text document, and then search inside that. Then I would have no need for evernote. I'd just have one, local copy of the document. I could put the text file in dropbox, I guess, but evernote is MUCH better on android for mixed online-offline access.

Why won't evernote's android client jump to the searched-for term? This just seems like such a basic feature. How could I be ***** this up? And it is weird that google's drive doesn't do this either, but I have no illusions that I could actually write to anyone human at google and get this issue addressed.

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Hmmn. I have an aversion to very long files that contain 'collections' of content - ie long lists of access details - and my stuff is mainly a continuous narrative about one subject. Smaller snippets usually get a note each. So if I search for a specific term, I normally need the whole page, not just that term.

My searches turn up a highlighted item that's usually no more than a "page-down" away from being found. But you're right; a search opens at the start of an article, not at the specific search term. I don't see how you can change that behaviour, and for my purposes I don't think I'd want it changed. The start of the item is the logical place.

So: 'Plan B' would be - save your information in separate notes. As long as the note is only a screen or two long, jumping to the beginning won't be an issue.

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