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(Archived) BUG: Empty clips from Chrome


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I have been getting bad clips from Chrome 21/Windows 7 since about 10:00 EDT today.


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Tested all clip options including context menu.

Updated to 5.6 clipper yesterday but clips were working after update until this morning.

Noticed problem when I was processing my Inbox for today. Testing other browsers / systems ...


Working in Firefox 14.01

Retesting Chrome....


Worked this time clipping this post.

Retesting with previous bad clips...


Problem may be URL and browser specific.



Any clips from that URL fail in Chrome and work in Firefox.

Context clips from GMail are also incomplete from Chrome.

PS: Using View option on clip notification to check recent clips. Normally don't bother.

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The example site, CBC Music, is giving some problems in Firefox as well. Found a workaround that does a better job, on that site, than either of the web clippers.

Use Windows client selection clipper (Win+A).

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That entire site is a giant iframe, and the Chrome clipper does not support iframes.

Yeah. I suspected that was the case. Unfortunately the problem showed up on a series of clips from the same site and...

Would be useful if the clipper could:

- Alert about the problem and/or

- Restrict clips to Save URL

That would give users a quick alert to switch to other clipping modes. e.g. Windows Copy Selection (Win+A).

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