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(Archived) Pin note geo data in native map app


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I missed this feature a lot on my latest vacation.

I often take pictures of shops/restaurants/etc I want to revisit later during the trip and it would be really neat if Evernote could open the note's geotagged location and pin it in the native map app so you can find your way back again.

Any chance you guys implement this soon?


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If you can accept to add address in the format g:/address after taking a picture of the shops/restaurants/etc, GoLater, the 3rd party APP of Evernote, should help you for this case.  GoLater can generate map by the tag in format of g:/address, and show you the map of a specific notebook or all notebooks you selected for GoLater (GoLater don't need to sync all the notebooks in your Evernote, because many in fact may be not relative to location).  You can check your note from map, your check map from note.   Besides, for each note, you can get routing direction from APPLE MAP. 

It will look like http://www.flickr.com/photos/90390533@N04/10471570404/

GoLater is free, and welcome to download  in APP Store

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