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(Archived) Questions about having 2 Premium accounts....



Hi-I am wondering about having 2 Premium accounts..... I currently have one and am wondering if it would be best if I added another one. I am slowly scanning in my many, many, many genealogy files into Evernote. I have 4 file cabinets of papers that I would like to consolidate down to one. Because of the volume of files would it be of any advantage to having all those files in a new Premium account. And if I do go that route, how would I go about transferring over the files I already have in my current Premium account? And another question: if I have 2 Premium accounts and maybe a Free account, how would I access the different accounts on my iDevices? Any discount on the second Premium account? Had to ask..... Thanks, love, love, love Evernote! Judy

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I would suggest you remain with one account. Premium users can add additional space (by the month) in $5/1 gb increments up to four (IIRC) additional gigs (for a total of five gigs). If you were to max that out in a month, you can add notes to local/non sync'd notebooks. Then when your upload refreshes, you can move them to sync'd notebooks.

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Oh, ok. I didn't know about adding the additional space by the month...... Interesting. So if I read your reply correctly, there are notebooks that could be local/non synced notebooks and maybe that would help with my storage amount....? I just checked my account and I have 2 days left of my month and I haven't even used half of the 1GB. So I guess I am fine. I think I have a lot to learn about Evernote! Thanks, Judy

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