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(Archived) Can't create a new folder?!?!


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So I'm struggling with the tool. I have the Clipper on Chrome. So i'm doing food research for a trip. i am saving things which is great. but if i wanted to create a clipping for a new city i can't create one on the fly. my only option is to go back to the web client and create it. am i missing something or am i not using the tool correctly. maybe i should give up creating sub notebooks under europe and just dump them all in one...very very confused.

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Welcome to the forums.

Evernote has limited support for Notebooks.

- Maximum 250 Notebooks and Stacks

- Maximum 1 level of nesting, i.e. In Stacks.

Most of the experienced users on this forum, myself included, limit use of Notebooks to their personal practical mimimum. For several users this is effectively a single notebook. They use primarily tags to organize notes.

In my case I create all notes/clips in my default notebook, which I happen to have named "!Inbox". I use the Web or Windows clients to QA and clean up the new note before moving it to its appropriate archive notebook. I never create notebooks while clipping.

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