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(Archived) How to view html file


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I recently purchased an online technical book where the author provides the book in html. The book has some images that goe with it in a folder called images. I'm able to store either the original zip file and the separated html files and view/expand them no problem with the Windows client. If I try to open the html file from the Android client it prompts the HTML Viewer application, which I select, but the file never completes loading. If I try to select (expand) the zip file it says "The archive no longer exits". As a result, I am not able to view do anything with the file(s) on my phone. Does anyone know a way to view an html file from the phone? I need to have it passed to my phone's browser somehow...

Thanks, Greg

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There's no way to move HTML code from a note window to a browser in Android. There's no way to show HTML code in a note/ browser window full stop. Windows supports a folder structure and internal addressing that will run in a browser. Android doesn't. The only way I'm aware of that you'll see your book on the phone is to convert the content to PDF and open that via Evernote.

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