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(Archived) New sidebar "force" close: feature or issue?

Philip in

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Selecting multiple tags (eg. to find a specific set of notes) became hard on the new Evernote. The left bar automatically (or insistently) closes at each time you select a new tag. That's pointless in tablets, where there is plenty of space to keep the bar, and it can get very annoying even in smartphones. The tag painel/bar should stay open while I select multiple tags (and keep open in tablets). I get dizzy with all that movement!

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I absolutely agree and second this comment - I'm surprised there have been no other comments on this since.

This is the number one issue I need resolving due to the way I organise notes into overlapping tags.

Surely at the minimum, it's solvable by providing an option to auto-close or otherwise. Very simple fix, and highly valuable.

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