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(Archived) Evernote web clipper stopped working


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The web clipper on both my computers and in both Firefox and Chrome stopped working this morning. I have uninstalled and reinstalled on both computers, done hard reboots, downloaded and tried a beta version I found on this forum, everything else I can think of. Nothing works. Sometimes I get just the URL downloaded even though I have the article as a default download, or occasionally the clipper will arbitrarily highlight and download a sentence or two. Other times I will get a script busy notice. Here are two that I just received and even though I was using Firefox, they both reference Chrome:

Script: chrome://webclipper3-common/content/libs/evernote/FF/Native/WinNativeAccessor.js:71

Script: chrome://webclipper3-common/content/libs/evernote/FF/Native/WinNativeAccessor.js:65

Can anyone suggest anything I can do? I really love and depend on this app. Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for your reply but I can't answer your question right now. I don't use Evernote Web, only Evernote. My husband uses the web client and it was his complaint this morning that started all of this. I have managed to make the clipper work in FF and I am back in business for now. But his clipper still works only sporadically and I haven't had enough time to try to fix it. It's just a casual observation but the clipper seems to work better in FF than in Chrome although he is wedded to Chrome. Tomorrow I'll try to create a new note in his Web client as you suggest and see what happens.

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